Charity 6-a-side: competition rules

Charity 6-a-side: competition rules

By Jon Kuhrt
11 September 2020
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Scoring zones, bowling run-ups, time limits and the possibility of a Super Over...

With the recent developments we have to ensure that all players and visitors are maintain appropriate social distancing on the day. Anyone using the bar should follow the protocols, using hand sanitizer, leaving their name and phone number in the book.

Each team will have their own designated area where they should leave bags and equipment. This will ensure that the pavilion area is not cluttered.



General rules

  • Each match 5 overs a side
  • 5 overs will be bowled regardless of if the team batting 2nd passes the team batting 1st’s score so bonus points can be achieved.
  • Timings: Strictly 20 minutes per innings. Penalty runs of 3 runs per ball will be added to any balls not bowled in 20 mins. Timing will be done centrally by the scorers and teams will be informed if they are close to the time limit

  • Points: 3 points for win, 0 points for loss. 1 bonus point if a team scores 80 or more runs
  • If a tie, the team with the most score zone shots will win. If that is equal, the team with the most boundaries wins.
  • If the Grand Final ends on a tie then a Super Over will take place.

Bowling rules

  • All players except wicketkeeper bowls 1 over.
  • Keepers cannot be switched during match
  • Bowlers limited to a 5 step run up
  • Extras: 4 runs for a wide or a no-ball. No extra balls even in last over

Batting rules

  • Batsman retire at 25 runs
  • There is 3 scoring zones. If the ball passes through this, the score is doubled
  • 4 in the score zone = 8, 6 in the score zone = 12
  • If a 6 is hit off the last ball of the innings, it will be automatically doubled to 12. If it is through a score zone it will be doubled again for 24 runs
  • Last man stands but the batsman will not be able to run singles or 3s.



  • Each team member bowls one ball at a set of stumps
  • The team with the most hits in an over wins.
  • If it is equal score after 6 balls each, then it goes to sudden death with the same order of bowlers used until a winner emerges.


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